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About Tropea

Tropea is an ancient village perched high on white cliffs overlooking sandy beaches, the Mediterranean Sea and the island of Stromboli on the horizon.

Founded around 1000 AC the old town centre has a “Duomo” and a few noble townhouses going back to the 11th century, as well as many elegant 16th century “Palazzi” and as such the town breathes a unique atmosphere that is steeped in ancient history and culture. It is in this setting that you can find many cosy and excellent restaurants, bars and hotels as well as some fine shops and markets selling local produce.

Tropea has a fishing and yacht harbor that ranks amongst the best in southern Italy. Indeed watersports and cruising along the stunning coastline are a favorite activity for locals and visitors alike.

At the foot of the cliffs on which the town is perched there are some of the finest beaches in Europe, don’t take our word for it: Tropea regularly ranks top in Italian and international media. The reasons for this are manyfold. To begin with, the number of well preserved historical villages on the coast is limited, combine this with easy access through an international airport, a modern yacht harbour, clean azure sea, accessible prices, great local cuisine and top it all off Calabria has one of the warmest and driest climates in Europea and it is easy to see why more people every year discover and return to this gem.

Life in Tropea has a relaxed pace. Many bars serve excellent coffee with fresh cornetti throughout the morning, and these bars are a great place to contemplate what and where to eat for lunch. After lunch the town is very quiet for a good few hours as people rest in the hottest our of the day - in a cool dark room or under a parasol on the beach. After 4 pm life resumes with an apertivo drink with olives and taralli (a local speciality) until sunset after which time dinner will be served on the many village terraces and squares. People of all ages will be then found parading in town until the small hours when the air is coolest. Thankfully, Tropea is spared from crowds of party and disco goers, making for a more refined and tranquil crowd that veered off the beaten path to find itself mingling with the locals in an intimate but beautiful historical setting.

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